Digital photography will open up a whole new dimension to you. It takes photography to the next level of fun, creativity, and excitement. For example, you can:

Take 1000’s of photos without paying a cent for film.
No more buying, and carrying around, rolls of spare film. No more running out of film at a critical time. With a digital camera you can carry around the equivalent of more than 50 of rolls of film on a reusable chip roughly the size of a large postage stamp. When the chip gets full you can save your photos to your computer, print your photos or both and then start all over again.

Review your photos instantly.
Did that last shot work? Should you take another one? Now you get instant feedback. No more "insurance shots." No more guessing if the light was right, or if someone blinked at the wrong moment. Most digital cameras let you review your photo right on the camera’s little LCD screen. Don’t like it? Take another one at no extra cost. Its even better than a polaroid - show your subjects, or fellow party-goers the great shot you just captured. Some cameras even plug straight into a TV screen for real-time slide shows.

Touch up your photos.
Most cameras come with computer software that lets you enhance, manipulate and retouch your photos like a professional. Get rid of wrinkles, blemishes and excess pounds. Put your head on a model's body. Correct the colour, change the background, zoom in and resize.
Change them to black and white, watercolours, line drawings, or even jig saw puzzles. Combine photos into collages or stitch many photos together for a 360 deg panoramic.

Share your photos with the world.
Don’t keep your photos all to yourself. Share them with the world. Send them by email. Put them up on your website. Enter them in online photo contests. Email your photos to friends and relatives, its a fantastic way to keep in touch and let them know whats happening in your life. No need to make endless reprints of photos that are 6 months out of date. Email your photos within minutes of getting them on your computer.

Print only the best photos.
Got a good colour printer at home? Great! Print out your favourite as soon as you get home. Print onto anything; plain paper, photo paper you can even make your own customised greeting cards. Want an 8x10 suitable for framing or got a ton of photos that you want to last? Simply upload your photos to us at and we'll return stunning glossy prints to you by mail. Services even exist to print your images on t-shirts, coffee mugs and virtually anything else you can think of - absolutely great gift ideas!

Store your photos for eternity.
No more piles of photos, boxes of photos, closets of photos waiting to be sorted, put in an album or filed "somewhere." Computer software lets you store your photos on your hard drive and sort the photos by date, by topic, by relative, by event and find them easily when you need to. For safety you can save all your images on CD, or upload to a website so that no fire can ever destroy your memories. Unlike photographs which yellow and fade, digital images last for ever, so your great-great-great grandchildren will know you in stunning sharp colour.