It only takes a second of not thinking properly. One moment, you have 300 fantastic photos safely stored on the camera's memory card. The next moment, they are gone. What could have happened?
  1. You accidentally pressed the "Delete all pictures" button on the camera, or selected "Format Card".
  2. You removed a memory card from the camera before it completed saving an image to the card.
  3. You turned off the camera before it finished writing the image.
  4. You dropped the memory card, and it was damaged.
  5. You removed the memory card from the card slot of a desktop inkjet printer before the printer completed printing the job.
  6. All the above.
All these actions could cause a possible loss of images. But, whatever you do, "Don't Panic!" The images aren't really "gone." They are still there; but, due to file corruption, formatting errors, or delete instructions, you can't locate them with the camera's own software.
To recover the "lost" images on a memory card or any digital image storage device (such as Microdrives, Zip drives, or Digital Wallets), don't write over the data. Quickly turn to one of the many image recovery software programs on the market today.
As many big companies and even government departments quickly learned after selling off surplus computers that were supposedly wiped clean, in the digital world no data is ever really gone until you actually destroy the hard drive.
When deleting a file on a Windows or Macintosh machine, all you are doing is removing the marker to the file. The data still resides on the hard drive, but the data is invisible, so they can be written over. The same situation occurs with flash memory cards.
When image files disappear, the problem is usually corruption of the memory card's directory. If images suddenly disappear, stop using that card immediately and don't respond to error prompts, such as "Media is not formatted - would you like to format it now?"
After isolating the memory card your first step should be to run an image data recovery program on your computer. Usually, the camera's corrupted card is placed in a card reader that is connected to the computer. The software is different for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.. Most programs are sold as online downloads and packaged products. No programs will give you a 100 percent guarantee.

If you need some help, bring your card into FrogPrints and we will try to recover it for you!!