Digital cameras are not just replacements for film cameras. Because you can see the picture immediately and because it costs you nothing to take that picture, a digital camera has lots of other uses than just for holiday snaps!
We compiled this list from our own experiences and from talking to friends and customers, if you have any other great uses for your digital camera, please email us with your idea.
  1. Take photos of accident damage either of your car after a collision or in your house to send as proof to the insurance company.
  2. Remember addresses and phone numbers or other details from signs and things you see in the street.
  3. Take photos of adverts in newspaper instead of tearing out and storing in your wallet.
  4. Digital cameras make an excellent way to copy documents when you don't have a photocopier near by. Some cameras even have a document copying mode. You will need a printer though to finish the copy process.
  5. Make a record of machinery or equipment both before and after dismantling. This helps with recognising parts, but also to remember how things looked when assenbled.
  6. Photographing your luggage prior to flying, can save problems and time if the cases are lost in transit.
  7. Take a photo of an item you've been asked to purchase overseas and email it for confirmation that its the right item, or for approval of your partner.
  8. Photograph your valuable household items and jewellery for insurance and valuation purposes.
  9. Document the state of a rental property prior to moving in. This can save all sorts of arguments later!
  10. Taking photos of hard to see places like the back of the video recorder or use the 10x zoom to see something on the roof more clearly.
  11. Capture details of house interiors in stores and friends houses as reference and ideas for interior design.
  12. Still on the decorating theme ...take a photo of a room and play with the d├ęcor to get prior buy-in on painting and redecorating.
  13. To record birthday and Christmas presents, just photograph the recipient with the assembled gifts - especially useful for children, who tend to receive lots of small things and can save arguments later.
  14. Take a photo of a city map while travelling. Easy to zoom in for more detail when needed and far easier than carrying the maps around.
  15. Spectacle shopping. Pass your camera to the helpful optometrist who takes a quick photo and immediately you can see whether the glasses suit you or not.
Thanks to Jef Wright, Roseanne Barker, Joan Carter and Elizabeth Paton-Simpson for their contributions to this article