Memory cards are to Digital Cameras what film was to Traditional Cameras. You wouldn't go leaving your roll film out in the sun, or spill coffee all over it, and even more care is required of memory cards given that they can hold the equivalent of a lifetime of photos.
Memory cards may seem like some small and fragile piece of technology, but they are actually fairly sturdy. The flash memory is encased in a stiff plastic shell which can withstand normal wear and handling. At one end of the memory card is either a set of little holes or copper strips. These are the sensitive part of the card. Any voltage source or a large jolt of static could corrupt the memory and probably cause permanent damage to the card.
When the card is not in your camera, it is best to keep it stored in a protective case or in your camera case. Putting it in your pocket could cause a short (from your keys perhaps) or dirty the electrical contracts.
The following techniques will help you prevent data loss and dramatically increase the life expectancy of your card.
  1. Backup your photos by saving your files from the memory card to your computer
  2. Always Reformat the card in your camera each time after downloading and saving photos to your computer
  3. Charge your batteries as failure during a shoot will result in the corruption of the data on the card and can even lead to permanent damage
  4. Do Not remove the card from the camera or card reader while data is being saved to the card. Wait a few moments to ensure that all the data has been successfully written.
  5. Avoid large static charges and be extra careful when handling cards in dry, low humidity areas.
  6. Avoid extremes of heat and cold by keeping cards in inside pockets of clothes or insulated bags.
  7. Be careful of strong magnetic sources. Walk through airport x-rays and scanners are safe but watch out for the the stronger x-ray equipment used for checked luggage.
  8. If using Windows XP or 2000 always flush the cache before removing your card from the reader. This can be done by right clicking on the green arrow in the system tray and ejecting your drive letter.
  9. Never edit photos directly on your card. This will dramatically reduce the life of your card.
  10. Be careful with "Reformat" and "Delete All" functions on cameras using Smartmedia or XD card as they are irreversible formats that cannot be recovered.
  11. IF MEMORY CARD PROBLEM OCCURS stop using the card immediately and do not reformat the card or delete pictures. Bring your card into FrogPrints and we will recover your images for Free if you print everything we recover, or $25 to cut to CD. No recovery no charge!