Fuji Frontier and DNP Centuria Paper
Fuji has been a leader in developing digital photo processing equipment. The introduction of the Fuji Frontier in 1997 launched a photo finishing revolution by combining the best features of both silver halide and digital technologies to deliver the highest quality prints. Fuji has continued to develop and refine the Frontier and, in late 1999, started delivering the new Fuji Frontier 370. The Frontier is still the benchmark machine in digital printing and no changes have been made to the laser in subsequent machine releases.

Choosing the Frontier
At FrogPrints we put a lot of effort into testing and evaluating the Frontier and comparing it with everything else in the market. The Fuji Frontier was a hands-down winner. The key to its superior performance is its exclusive laser exposure system: specially developed blue and green solid state lasers along with a red semiconductor laser are used to "paint" the digital image onto the silver halide paper, which is then processed through traditional photographic wet chemistry. The laser technology minimizes flare and ensures smooth color gradation. The result is razor sharp, vivid prints with accurate color rendition, representing a major advancement in print performance.

DNP Centuria Digital Series
What makes this now the leading paper for digital photographic printing are the following features:
DNP's new emulsion technology
DNP's own emulsion technology enables high quality prints under the extremely short exposure times of laser digital technology and Centuria digital is a special paper expressly designed to deliver brighter and more beautiful prints.
Impressively beautiful and natural whites
The purity of white areas is enhanced by DNP's own technologies and further new technology, which provides a sharp cutoff of UV frequencies. Whiteness characteristics enable the excellent reproduction of white areas and highlights that truly stand out. This brings striking highlights and stable colour balance throughout all density regions. High contract images difficult to reproduce in conventional digital prints are impressively rendered with natural depth.
Outstanding color reproduction
DNP's own coupler delivers superior colour reproduction with outstanding colour balance. From vivid primary colours to subtle intermediate tones, every hue in the image comes out fresh and brilliant, Colorful works featuring digitally edited data come out exactly as the creator envisioned them.
High D-max raises the bar
D-max is maintained at a high level, for resonant depiction of gradations in shadowed sections and full, rich blacks in digital prints. (i.e. the blacks are blacker and there is more detail in the shadow areas)
Rich expression of textures
Anti-irradiation technology suppresses random scattering of light within the layers of the paper delivering striking reproduction of photographic images with outstanding sharpness. Close-up images display a wealth of information, reaching down to details like the tip of hair and tree bark and landscape shots of architecture emerge in three dimensions with outstanding texture.
Vivid colour depiction
DNP's own cyan coupler delivers lucid colour reproduction, especially of greens. From highly chromatic primary colours through neutral tones, colours are expressed vibrantly, vividly and faithfully, for prints with a new feeling of depth and reality.
Premium grade paper
Premium grade paper utilizing a thicker paper stock than other papers. The paper base has body and outstanding smoothness, far higher in quality than conventional colour paper.
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