The easy upload tool is a small program that is downloaded to your computer to make it easier to order photos. Our system will sense what computer and browser you have and download the appropriate software. There is no danger to your computer from these downloads as they are temporary and verified by "Thawte" the same company that verify our secure server.
The Easy Upload Tool dramatically increases the convenience for images uploaded to our server compared to our basic HTML form. Many images can be selected at once, but are sent one by one, and uploads can be restarted if interrupted. If you are using Windows and Internet Explorer you will be using an ActiveX control otherwise you may be directed to the Java version.
Customise your views: thumbnails, details, list, and icons.
Small size (it takes less than 30 seconds to load it via 56K modem).
Memory friendly even for huge number of uploaded files.
Allows both multiple and single file selection from many locations.
Automatically tracks changes in file system (folder content).
Files can be uploaded in separate requests; this means that if upload process was
    interrupted, you will be able to resume it. You will not have to upload files which already
    have been uploaded.
Up to 200 images can be selected at one time
Windows only features
Drag-n-drop images from your computer to the upload folder.
Looks and works just like the windows explorer interface.
Has support for XP styles.
Go to help installing the easy upload tool