The images must be in JPEG format. Files of this type will have an ending similar to *.jpg or *.jpe. If you wish to send us BMP or TIFF please contact us.

Image files can be quite large depending on the capabilities of your camera. The latest cameras can produce ultra high quality images many megabytes in size. For your convenience the following table has been calculated to show typical upload times based on your connection speed. The times shown are a rough guide. Other factors beyond our control (your ISP, current internet traffic levels, etc...) may cause greater upload times to be experienced.

file size (MB) Approx Time to Upload (mins)
Dial Up 56K ADSL 256K 2MB
0.5 2 1 15 secs
1 4 2 30 secs
1.5 7 3 45 secs
2 9 4 1
3 13 6 2
If it takes too long to upload file you can:
  1. Try changing your camera settings to a lower resolution which will generate smaller files that upload faster. The trade off is lower quality.
  2. Upgrade your connection to ADSL, Fibre Optic (if available) or Wireless. Consult your internet service provider for details.