Using the Easy Upload Tool (Active X version)
Installing the new 'Easy Upload Tool'
if you have any problems installing or seeing the Easy upload tool on your screen, please read our information on Installing the Easy Upload Tool.... otherwise your screen should look like the image on the right.
Find your images
using your mouse, select from the list of buttons on the left of your screen to find your images. Continue to drill down through your folders by double-clicking them until you see the thumbnails appear in the Top (or Selection) Pane. Another way to find your images is using the drop down box at the top of the screen.

Select your images
Select one  simply click on the image until the border around the image turns blue. Then, click-n-hold your finger on the mouse and drag the selected image into the lower (or Upload) Pane, letting go of you finger will drop the image into the lower pane.
Select multiple   hold down the CTRL key while clicking on all images that you wish to select. When you have finished selecting, click-n-hold your finger on the mouse and drag the selected images into the lower pane, letting go of you finger will drop the images into the lower pane.
Select all   to select all images in a particular directory, click on the 'Select All' button in the lower part of the left hand menu. Click and drag as before into the lower pane.
Upload your images
Click the upload button on the top right hand menu bar to start uploading your images. A 'progress bar' will appear on your screen to indicate how long it will take and how many minutes remain before all the images are uploaded. You may stop the upload at any stage by clicking Cancel and simply restart the upload again by clicking on the 'Upload' button again.
In the event that your upload is unsuccessful OR is taking to long to upload, you may stop the upload by clicking Cancel and go directly to second step by clicking on the Go to Step 2 button at the top right, for viewing the images that have already been sent.

Problem: I can't get any images into the lower pane
Solution: Make sure you click on the image or images you wish to transfer, then click with the mouse button and hold it down while dragging the images to the lower pane. Letting go of the button will deposit the images in the lower pane. Another way of selecting images is to use the "Select all" button on the lower of the left hand menu.

Problem: I can't find the images I want to upload
Solution: Try clicking on the buttons on the left hand side of the screen and double-clicking folders in the top pane to drill-down to where your images might be. Otherwise you might try transferring them beforehand into the "My Pictures" Folder.

Problem: My computer is really struggling when I select a lot of images in thumbnail view
Solution: Your computer may not have a lot of resources available for this application. Try switching to Detail view by right-clicking in the upper pane, and then selecting 'Detail' from the popup menu.

Problem: I want to see the images I have selected as thumbnails in the lower pane
Solution: Click your mouse button in either the upper or lower pane to change the way you view the images in that pane. Choose between Thumbnail, Icon, List and Detail.

Problem: I accidentally dropped the wrong images into the lower pane how do I get rid of them
Solution: Select the ones you wish to delete, using the CTRL button and a left mouse click and then right click on one of the images and select "Remove from upload List" from the menu. Refreshing the page will also clear all images from the lower pane.

Problem: I don't want to upload any more images, I just want to choose my sizes and quantities
Solution: Click on the "No Upload" button to go to Step 2 of the process.

Problem: I can't tell from the thumbnail whether its the image I want to print or not.
Solution: Simply double-click the image you wish to view and it will be opened using your default image viewer without affecting your current order selection.


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