Download Instructions

Please Note: As of Thursday 18th of August 2011 - If you have an incomplete book in a previous version of the software, please complete it and order it prior to downloading and installing the new version below.

Warning: Opening a previously created book from the old software in the new software will lead to a distortion in the layout,
and images may appear squashed, due to the difference in page sizes and ratio
You will not be able to use both the old and new versions on your computer at the same time
Please be sure to complete any old books you may have started before using the new software for new books

PC Users

In order to download the PC software please click on the link below which will automatically download an "exe" file on your computer.
Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

Email Address:

Microsoft Windows Compatible Software


Please follow these exact instructions before you download the software.

  1. In Safari go to the "Safari" Menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Under the "General" tab Uncheck the section that says "Open "safe" files after downloading"
  3. Then download the Mac software by clicking on the link below.

    Email Address:

    Macintosh Compatible Software

  4. This should put a zip archive at the location you are downloading to.
  5. Double clicking it should unpack the zip file providing you with an application.
  6. If not try Control+Clicking on the package and choosing BOMArchiveUtility in the open with option.

Alternatively, you can request us to send a copy to you on CD. If you have any questions or are having problems downloading the software then please contact FrogPrints directly at 09 528 2392.

Important Information for all Users: Review your work!

Once you have completed your job and are ready to upload your file you need to review your work, as printer drivers, fonts and other settings on your system may, in some cases, cause the printed output to look different in print than on screen. To ensure the quality of your job, PLEASE REVIEW YOUR WORK AT THIS POINT. All you need to do is click on the view button as per the instructions.