Photobook FAQ's

If you haven't selected a layout with the Text box already then you can add a text box by going to Insert/ New Caption or click the text button on the toolbar, click and drag on one of your work book's pages to create a new text box. Back To Top
Yes - select Format/ Image Enhancement/ Perfectly Clear Image or All Images - there is also a button on toolbar Back To Top
This works by trying to establish a black and a white point in your image. A dull image will be made lighter, for example, with more contrast. Please note this does not always work for every image, or there may be a colour tinge. Please check your images once you have applied the option. Back To Top
Choose Format/ Filter/ select Black & White, Sepia or Remove Filter. You can also use the Format icons located on the toolbar. Back To Top
Select your image then use the rotate buttons located on the toolbar above your viewing pages. Back To Top
Format/ Drop Shadow, or select the drop shadow icon above your workbook pages. Back To Top
All layout images can be selected by clicking on them, and then repositioned on the page. You can also click on the corner/edge points of the image to resize - drag the image to the desired size. Back To Top
Yes. You can drag and drop all border types to build layers. Select 'add to border' once you have dragged your border layer. Back To Top
Right click your image with the border that you want to repeat on all images, select edit and then "Apply this border to all pictures". Note this will apply to all images throughout your book, and will overwrite any other borders you may have previously picked. Back To Top
Select Picture Borders. Go to the top right-hand corner and select the drop-down icon and choose Frames. Back To Top
Just drag and drop them into the order you want them. Back To Top
Edit/ Change Book/ Select new book size. Note you can only change to a book with a similar ratio/layout e.g. you can't change from a 12x12 [square] to A4 [rectangle]. Back To Top
What are the cost per extra page? You have 2 options; you can insert a New Page (in between pages) or you can select Append new page and this will add your new page/s at the end of your book. To do this go to Insert/ Insert new page or Insert/ Append new page. Back To Top
Insert/ New Picture - portrait/ landscape. Back To Top
You can drag and drop a new layout or you can drag and drop a new image and select Layout picture or add picture. Back To Top
You can format your book with themed borders and backgrounds. Select this when you build your book, or apply it after you have started creating. Please Note - You cannot undo this operation. We suggest saving your book before applying a theme. You can always apply one theme over another to replace it. Back To Top
Select view / Single page or Facing pages. Back To Top
This can be a useful tool for aligning images/text and for also giving you an estimate on where to place images so they do not disappear into the spine of your book. Back To Top
Select background and use the zoom in or zoom out icon above your viewing pages (you can also use the roller button on your mouse if it has one). Remember you can move this image around as well to get the best part of your background. Back To Top
This means that these backgrounds will need to be downloaded if you use them. You must be connected to the internet to access them. You cannot use them offline, but once downloaded, you will be able to use them in future layouts. Back To Top
When you drag and drop an image from the image browser bar onto a page you will automatically be asked whether you want it as a single or two-page background. Remember you can move this image around as well to get the best part of your background. Back To Top
Right click your background/ edit/ remove page background. Or drag and drop a new image/background on top. Back To Top
Yes. For fading your background right-click your image and select Fade or select Format/ Fade or use the fade icon above your workbook pages. Back To Top
If you have moved your images within your folders on your computer, then the path has been lost. You will have to either reload your image into the book and replace the picture or put your image/s back to their original location. Back To Top
File/ Save As (1st instance - for a new book) or Save to save changes. Back To Top
This option will delete 1 page (2 sides) Right-click your page on your workbook space, click edit and delete page. Please note all books have a minimum number of pages, and you cannot delte pages below this limit. Any pages you leave blank will still be included in your bound book. Back To Top