Opening the program

After you have downloaded the FrogPrints software to your computer, double click on the FrogPrints Easybook on your Desktop to open it.
(When it opens, the software sometimes asks you to download again. If this is the case, cancel out of this). Refer the screen below.

You should now be at this screen below...

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Setting up a photobook (eg: size, photobook type)

Click on Photobooks on the left at the top (in purple above).
Then click on ‘Create New’.
Now, choose a size for your photo book. When you click on the options, more information about that option (eg. page numbers etc) will appear under the example picture.
Once you have decided, two key ways to build your book are available.

  • New Book Wizard’ (select this if you want to automatically populate your photos across the photobook. You can still edit the book if you choose this function).
  • Start Empty Book’ (select this if you want to completely start with a blank book and load your photos in. Your photos will not automatically upload across the pages).
  • New Book Wizard instructions (if you choose to do ‘Start Empty Book’, please scroll down to that section).

If you like a background theme on your book, make your selection. To note:

  • Clean - Means white background
  • New Book Wizard, Full Page (Locked) - This will transfer all of your pictures as full pages as ‘Page Backgrounds’, and you are unable to edit them.
  • New Book Wizard, Full Page (Editable) - This will transfer your pictures across as full pages as ‘Page Backgrounds’, but can edit them.

Select your photos from your computer and click ok and then next. (If you would like to select more pictures, you can do this at a later stage also by clicking the + sign at the bottom left on the main photobook editing page below).

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Building your photobook - essential functions!

Main workspace - The middle of your screen is your ‘main workspace’. This is where you drag images, backgrounds, layouts and so forth on to.
To save your book - Click on File, Save As (then you can close it down, and when you open up the program again, it will be there for you)
To close your book - Click on File, Close
To exit from the EasyBook program - Click on File, Exit
To upload images - Choose the + button at the bottom of the working screen to add pictures, or the ++ button to add a file with all the pictures in it.
The quality of your images - The software will alert you if the image size is too low-res. Also note, that the colour of your images is how it will be printed. As they are not individual images, we cannot adjust the colours of your image once it comes to us as a book.

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Using the top horizontal toolbar

Layout, Distribute Pictures - If you are using layouts or templates, you can use this command to automatically distribute your pictures amongst the pages.
Edit, Change book - If you would like to change the size of the book. Note: It will only let you change it to a size that is the same dimension as your current one.
View, Set up Grid - Allows you to change the grid so you can centre the photos how you wish.
Changing the order of the pages - You can click and drag to reorder the pages of your photo book. Refer to the image below.

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Using the text toolbar

On the top left of your main workspace, you will see the text toolbar to add text to any of your pages. Simply click on the A+ and outline your text box on the main workspace where you would like it to be placed (same function as in Microsoft Word). Double click to open, and then you will have the ability to change text, size, font justification etc. Please note: You can only have one text colour in each text box.

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Using the bottom picture toolbar

- Click the Add Picture (+) or Add Folder (++) (of pictures) icon at the left of the Image Browser. You can then drag & drop pictures directly from the Image Browser and onto your photo book workspace.
You can also select the ‘tick’ function to indicate the photos you have already used in your Photobook.
If the size of the picture looks strange once you add it to the main workspace, crop it/change it in an external program, and then add it back to the photobook software.
To navigate the pages of your photo book, click the desired page in the Pages Browser. You can also navigate using the navigation arrows located on the toolbar. Refer to the image below.

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Using the bottom right toolbar

To change the page layout, click on Page Layouts on the right hand side, near the bottom of your screen. Ref. below. This will bring up lots of options of page layouts for you. Click on the option you like, and move it to the page that you would like it to change to. It will automatically do this. You can then change the image out by selecting an image above

Page Layouts - Preset arrangements of picture-ready picture frames. Once applied to a page, you can still rearrange the layout elements any way you choose. You can Tilt and resize aswell. You can also apply a Picture Shape to these layouts.
Page Backgrounds - Various colors, textures, and designs you can apply to your pages. You can also apply your very own image as a background. Backgrounds can be set to fade as well. Please note that not all backgrounds are available offline.
Picture Borders - Borders of various color and thickness you can apply to pictures. You can multilayer these borders and don't forget that you can also select from the top right hand dropdown list the following; Line, Frame, Corners, Brushes and Ornaments.
Templates - Themes that can be applied to your entire photo book. Once applied to a page, you can still rearrange the template elements any way you choose.
Picture Shapes - Shapes that you can use to frame your image. You can add Line boarders and Ornament boarders on top.
ClipArt - These can be used to Jazz up your pages or give you the look of a scrapbook page. Our selection includes images of flowers, holiday, kids, letters, occasions, ornaments, travel and vacation.
Themes - If you decided that you would like to have a theme for your book we have a selection for you to choose from.

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Using the main workspace (middle of the screen)

  • If you right-click on the images, there are a variety of options to edit this image eg. adding a caption, removing the image, removing the page (for additional pages added), fading it out etc.
  • If you click on the image and hold down the mouse, you can move the image around to get it centred how you like.
  • If you click Image Enhancement, it will automatically enhance your image. If you don't like the enhancement, you can right-click again on the image and select Remove Image enhancement from image

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Sending your book for printing

To send your book, click the ‘Send to FrogPrints’ button near the top. This will take you through to the order process on the web. Follow the instructions through to order your book!

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