Frosted Glass Mug - $24.95 ea
All Class in Glass

Our most popular gift item, as it is always in use and brings back great memories. Your chosen image is placed just to the left of the handle. Mugs are not printed edge to edge and the image cannot be compared to a photograph as it is on a frosted background. Mugs come in a handy gift box.

Please read the details below and allow up to 4 working days for despatch.

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Choosing a photo
Any photo is suitable for use on a mug, however selecting an image that is in landscape (i.e. wide not tall) will give you a larger image on the mug. if your image is too long and narrow it may be cropped to fit the availble area. If you would like an image to wrap completely around the mug from one side of the handle to the other, please see the Full Wrap Mug

Mugs are printed using the sublimation process which makes them more scratch resistant than normal mugs and can be safely washed in low temperature dishwashers, although we recommend handwashing as it will extend the lifetime of the print. We do not recommend leaving mugs in direct sunlight for extended periods or heating above 120 degC.

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