If an image is less than the minimum recommended resolution, and you ignore the quality warning and approve the images for printing, we will not be responsible for the quality of the final photo. Please check your images before sending!
As standard we fill your chosen print size with the image you have provided. This sometimes means that a small portion of the image is cropped. Please read our article on cropping to understand what this means.
Images sent to us direct from your camera will have a standard correction applied that should improve the quality of your photo. Images sent as JPG's without an EXIF header will be printed "as is" as we assume the photo is exactly how you wish it to be printed. You may also select the "No Corrections" option in step2 of the order process. We provide a consistent print service to guarantee that you will receive exactly the same print every time you send us the same image.
We do our best to provide a website with the highest availability possible. If you are having problems uploading your images it is often not our fault. For most broadband customers upload speeds are still only one tenth of download speeds. Please be patient, and if all else fails, simply email us your images.
We cannot print images in word documents or other proprietary design formats. Please extract the image and save it in one of the standard image formats, preferably jpg. If for any reason we cannot print your images, or you are not happy with the quality of your photos, then your payment will be refunded in full (read our guarantee).
We attempt to print and despatch on the same day, every paid order that we receive prior to 1pm. Due to varying work volumes and postal variances there is no guarantee that you will receive your photos the next day.
Although we try to meet all our customers needs as part of our standard process, orders with special requests may be delayed.
Orders that contain more than just photo products will be held and shipped together unless the items have a shipping time of more than 5 days difference or are bulky. In this instance we will ship separately at no extra cost.
If your products are damaged in transit, or do not arrive within 5 working days of despatch, then please contact us, and we will reprocess your order.